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Since 2012, Youth Development Organisation Uganda’s efforts have provided an education to over one-hundred students in northern Uganda.
Our Mission
Youth Development Organisation Uganda is an official non-profit Organization that emotionally and financially supports the education of destitute children in northern Uganda through the empowerment of global youth.
What We Do
In a country where there is no such thing as free education, we sponsor children in both elementary and secondary schools with the help of our dedicated staff in Uganda. The children in our program face at least one if not more of these wide spread problems: partial orphan, total orphan, child head of household, HIV Positive, and/or former abductee. Our academic expectation is high, so our staff of amazing mentors in Gulu works endless hours looking over the academic achievement and behavioral decisions of each child. Combined with our crew of volunteers in the United Kingdom who dedicate themselves to spreading awareness and fundraising, YDO-Uganda is a family that believes deeply that every child should have access to education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela


  • To ensure a holistic approach to environment, development, health human rights and law
  • To undertake civic education in the areas of Environment, Human rights, Ethics, law, Development, Equity and Pubic participation in decision making.
  • To carry out awareness campaigns inform of multi-stakeholder seminars, workshops, conferences, drama shows.
  • To promote constitutionalism and good governance
  • Expose and address human rights abuses
  • To ensure equality, equity and put an end to marginalization of people in the environment  and development
  • To encourage and actively involve youth in development, education and advocacy for holistic achievement of sustainable development.
  • To mainstream gender in all aspects of the environment including health, law, environmental management and development.
  • To mainstream environment in HIV/AIDS response and reduction strategies.

Core Objectives:

  • Service
  • Team work
  • Diversity
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Innovativeness and hard work

What does one sponsorship slot do in Uganda?

Tuition, Room and Board, Shoes, Uniform, Mentors, Emergency Medical Supplies, the opportunity for a child’s life to be changed


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