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We Are Youth Development Organisation Uganda


Youth Development Organisation Uganda is a nonprofit organisation that emotionally, Spiritually, Morally and financially supports the education of destitute children in northern Uganda.

A mission Driven local nonprofit: Seeking community based development through literacy, information, knowledge and skills building, envisioning rebuilt post war communities in which its inhabitants would be able to provide education, care and support for their children and also generate community driven development. Youth Development Organisation Uganda (YDO-Uganda) was registered on December 2012, No. CDR/4980 with Gulu District Community Development Services.

Our Grassroots experience: Our years of experience on the ground in the field delivering results through programs such as economic rights of women and girls, education and life skills training, promoting community philanthropy, Keep A Girl In School (KAGIS), Child Sponsorship, Community Livelihood Programs

Our Vision: A community where the inhabitants are literate and able to make informed decisions for social and economic development

Our Purpose: To develop and create opportunities for  Girls and Boys, women and men  in recovering communities of Northern Uganda through Child Sponsorship and Education programs, research, mentoring, skills training and sensitization as a way of equipping the community to cope with problems in order to enhance development